“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

A Destination & Dallas wedding photographer


Full-time Destination & Dallas - Fort worth wedding photographer, from DR Congo - Kinshasa in Central Africa, an IT professional & Graphic designer, with a degree in Computer science I have worked as IT support for Dallas County District Attorney office, AMD, AT&T, MASTEC, SMS, before making photography as my full-time job, shooting more than 50 weddings a year and have shot more than 300 weddings spanning the globe, my passion is creating the delicately beautiful images that tell the story of my client'lives, and immortalize the heart of these once in a lifetime occasions.

I take on your photos in a relaxed manner. I offer guidance when it comes to family and couple pictures after the wedding, but I mainly encourage couple to focus on each other, and I capture their real emotion. I want your photos to be real and emotional, and I am also an expert in giving guidance and poses.

Dallas wedding Photographer

Irving Wedding Photographer

Irving Wedding Photographer

“I am a husband and father of the outstanding baby boy”