Bella Luna Event Hall, Texas Sylvie & Kadi Wedding | Dallas Wedding Photographer

Sylvie and Kadi were gifted the perfect spring day for their wedding! We started our day with the couple at the hotel where all Twelve bridesmaids and groomsmen had hair and makeup done. I had, yet another, gasping moment when I saw Sylvie’s Pronovias dress… so elegant, the texture made it extra special and Sylvie look like an angel! In the theme of keeping things simple and not over complicating things, We did not do the First Look, it stayed a big surprise for the Kadi till when Sylvie walked up to the aisle. We took a lot of pictures at the hotel with the bridal party when getting ready, Sylvie she is a photogenic and had chosen as bridesmaids only photogenic people like her and about groomsmen no word as they are photo lover so everything went smooth and easy on us.
The ceremony took place at a protestant church and the room was so dark but we end up with some lovely and emotional shot. After the ceremony, we went to Fort Worth Botanic garden just before their closing hour so they told us that we had only 30 minutes for pictures, so we did not have much time but miraculously in that 30 minutes we took a lot of awesome and stunning pictures of the couple and bridal party.
And then we went to the party in a beautiful venue in Bella Luna Event in Dallas, where we party until 2 am in the morning in a such a vibe that we did not get tired shooting. Once the reception kicked off, The A good music by Dj Eric Oxygen MK kept the huge dance floor full all night! It was a bit of challenge to worm my way through to get photos but worth the awkward looks I gave people. and the bridal party lead the night while the couple was unstoppable,