The photography business is hit by the coronavirus pandemic, and Adobe lately replied to this issue of school closures by providing total - free access to the Creative Cloud to students and teachers. The company want to help small businesses and specially creativepreneurs as well, by giving every subscriber 2 months of subscription that is free throughout this economic downturn.

The company has not announced this promotion wherever, and you will need to go by a number of steps to make use of it. Here is a step-by-step guide that I made regarding how to get your totally free 2 months in just a couple minutes.

Step one: Log In to Your CC Account

Go to Adobe’s website and log in to your Creative Cloud account.

Step two: Go to your plan and then manage plan

Step three: Click on Cancel Your Plan

On the account overview page, click on the Cancel Plan of your present Adobe creative subscription. (not worries - it's not going to cancel your account

Step four: On the Cancellation page

You will be provided with a few measures to verify that you truly do wish to stop your adobe creative subscription account. Go through these actions, beyond the Feedback as well as Details page and also on the Offers page.

The best reason to get the free 2 months offer is to select '' It's too expensive" and then click continue

If you notice a warning about a early cancellation charges, click accept and then Continue

Step five : Offer

In order to keep you as their subscriber, on the final step it will be Offers, Adobe will provide you multiple offers in which one of them is "free 2 months of adobe creative cloud subscription" totally free. Just click Accept Offer.

Step six: Here you go! 2 Months completely Free of charge!

You are all set! You will be brought to a confirmation page that states your plan was updated with a totally free credit for 60 days.

With LOVE - Firre LaGRACE